P3B Reflective Friday 26.1.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We were doing lots of measuring.  We measured the length of the classroom, the volume of some containers with water and compared the weight of lots of classroom objects.
    We took a wander around the school and we tried to find arrays and then we identified what they showed. 

    Searching for arrays in the environment

  • We have been playing an interactive game which you can practice at home.
  • We have continued counting up and down in 3s and 4s. 
  • We have been reading an article about Scotland’s landscape and then we answered questions about them.  We found answering in full sentences quite tricky.
  • We were finding facts from the internet (using the iPads) and took notes so we can make a leaflet about Scotland next week.
  • We have continued learning and practicing Scots poems.
  • We watched a video about Amazing Newts Vibrating and learned about Adjectives, verbs and nouns.
  • We went into the new hall and were exploring how exercise affects our heart rates.
  • In the old gym hall we explored different levels of travelling (low, medium and high) and made up routines and showed these to the class. 
We enjoyed:
  • Listening to some Scottish tunes from Sandy’s mum who played the fiddle and her friend, also named Sandy, who played the accordian.
  • Scottish tunes played in the fiddle and accordian.

    Singing along with the other classes.

  • We enjoyed singing Donald where’s yer troosers for the other P3s. 
  • Watching Katie Morag and eating shortbread in celebration of Robert Burns.