P3M Week Ending 26.01.18 What have we been learning?


  • Our spelling pattern was oo and ew.

We had to remember oo comes in the middle of words e.g. Balloon, crook. Ew comes at the end of a word e.g. preview. We know that ew stays when we add ‘ing’ for example brewing.

We enjoyed doing a dictation with Mrs Conlin when she was teaching us handwriting.

We also enjoyed learning new Scottish words.


We continued to learn about multiplication arrays. We really enjoyed making array cities.

We started to learn about division and found this quite challenging.We shared cubes into equal groups to help with this.

We want to work on division some more.

We were learning to count and write with different amounts of money.

Interdisciplinary Learning

  • We enjoyed learning a Scottish song called Brainboxer!
  • Today we loved it when Sandy’s Mum (from 3B) played her fiddle with her friend (also called Sandy!) who played his accordion.
  • We found it tricky to remember all the words (the children were even better than Mrs McFarlane!!)
  • We would be interested to learn more about Scottish poems.

Health and Wellbeing

  • In assembly we learned about the Big Bird Watch.
  • We enjoyed swimming.
  • In PE we found backward rolls very challenging.
  • Next week we are looking forward to developing our swimming skills more.