P3S 26.01.18

Two things to try this week ūüôā
*talk about Scottish traditions and culture, in preparation for writing our Visit Scotland leaflets
*practise drawing multiplication and division jumps on a number line

Numeracy and Maths
This week we have been drawing multiplication and division jumps on a number line (where we were adding on for multiplying, and taking away for dividing).

Starting off with the rows and columns (e.g. 3 rows, 5 columns), we draw the array, and then transfer this information onto two number lines showing the equal jumps of the rows (3+3+3+3+3) and columns (5+5+5).


We investigated how many different multiplication and division number lines we could make for numbers up to 30. We found 5 different ways for dividing 12 and 18 equally!

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We went array hunting around the school to practise using our multiplying and dividing skills in real life! Maybe you could go on an array hunt around you house too ūüôā

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We have started a new maths topic looking at money and measure. We identified the different coins and practised making amounts of money out of different coins. At home, you could have a look at some real life coins and notes and play shopping ūüôā


In reading, we have been trying to read out loud with expression, to show when a character is speaking and different punctuation is being used.
Using our reading books, we thought about how main events affect the story, and how the story might change if one event hadn’t happened. We then took away some important events and created alternative endings to our books.

After learning a little about Robert Burns’ life, we looked at his poem ‘Up in the Mornin Early’ on Burns Day. We figured out what each line meant before drawing pictures to illustrate the poem.

We also learned about some Scottish mythical creatures. Reading about Kelpies, Selkies and Ghillie Dhus was really interesting – and a little spooky!

Our spelling words this week have focused on the oo and ew sound. We learned that there are different ways of spelling the same sound: oo normally goes in middle of a word, while ew normally goes at the end. Some words you could practise at home include stood, broom, stool, bedroom, moonlight, chew, flew, crew, screwing and threw.

Health and Wellbeing

We talked about persevering at the start of the week, and discussed why it is important to keep trying our best and not give up. We watched some Class Dojo videos about the Learning Dip which was really inspiring.

In PE, we started gymnastics with Ms Hastie by practising different kinds of rolls and travelling across the mat. We also perfected our ceilidh dances this morning, after adding in the last few steps to the Canadian Barn Dance and Virginia Reel. Lots of fun!

Musical special treat

We had some very exciting visitors this morning! Sandy’s Mum, from P3M, and her who is also called Sandy, came in to play us some Scottish music on the fiddle and accordion. We loved hearing the Gay Gordons, My Love is like a Red Red Rose, and we even sung along to Ye Canny Shove yer Granny and Ally Bally! It was wonderful to see live music in the classroom, thank you so much Sandy’s Mum and Sandy for coming in!