P4G Reflective Friday 26.1.18

What have we learned?


We were given a secret mission to bring back the Titanic from its watery grave!  Each table were given a task to make part of the Titanic/background.  We used lots of skills including team work, art skills, following instructions and thinking skills.

As a class we have redesigned and made a magnificent new book corner in our classroom.   We started a new class book linked to the Titanic, called Kaspar Prince of Cats.  We are continuing to choose our own books and read at a pace that suits us at home.

We learnt about the soft g sound.  Please see the link below.

Week 13 soft g

Numeracy and Maths:

We have continued to practice our beat thats, we’re learning our times tables (focussing on the 3 x table).  See the links below.

The class have worked on quarter to and quarter past.  Why not practice telling the time at home?

In Maths we have been learning about symbols including less than, more than and equals.  Please ask us to explain what these signs mean and what they look like.  Who can give a definition of the equals sign?

Big_Maths-Beat-That 1

Big_Maths-Beat-That 2


Other areas:

The class have worked on new targets for our learning stories which are coming home today.  Please return these on Monday or Tuesday.

In Assembly, we found out about the RSPB Big Bird Watch.  This was particularly exciting because we got to use the new Hall!


What have we enjoyed?

“Lily and I enjoyed going to the new gym hall.” Belle

“Zocy and I enjoyed making the new library corner.” Alexandra

“Ben and I enjoyed rebuilding the Titanic because we got to do Art!” Sean

“Alfie, Austin and I enjoyed getting the mission to create the Titanic.” Korey


What have we found challenging?

Learning about the time, building the Titanic- working together as a team, beat-thats and getting the greater and less than signs the right way around.

What would we like to learn next week?

More about the Titanic; another secret mission; more about greater than and less than.