Primary 6N Learning w/c 22nd January

It has been a busy week preparing for our upcoming assembly!


  • We completed independent tasks linked to our literature circle roles
  • We held our first literature circle meetings, developing our critical reading and organisational skills
  • We have developed our understanding of Scots language using Scots dictionaries
  • We have worked on developing our descriptive language to use in our own poems


  • We have applied our understanding of perimeter to find missing sides of composite shapes
  • We have developed our understanding of area using the formula Area = length x breadth for rectangles
  • We are also becoming familiar with the formula 1/2 length x breadth to find the area of right-angled triangles
  • We have been applying our understanding of area to solve problems using composite shapes
  • We have been revising written strategies for solving calculations across the four operations

 I.D L.

  • Learning Scottish Songs
  • Researching famous Scottish artists and designers

Health and Wellbeing

  • Learning Scottish dances steps
  • Developing our resilience
  • Developing our listening Skills
  • Working as part of a team to organise literature circles
  • Developing independence to complete tasks