Reflective Friday P6T WB 22/1/18

This week P6T have been busy preparing for next week’s assembly, which we hope to see as many of you as we can!

Our Focus this term has been Scotland.  P6T have been practising our research and presentation skills as we have selected a “Scottish Wonder of the World” We will assess these using a rubric to see where we are and where our next steps will be. We look forward to sharing these with you next week and we will post photos on here for those who cannot make it.

We will also be building a model of our wonder, we have discussed this together and thought about what we will need. Any donations of any kind of junk would be welcome.

In Maths we have been building houses!  These are to apply what we have been learning about area and perimeter. we have also revised acute, obtuse, right and reflect angles from P5 before we move on to measuring angles using a protractor.