Reflective Friday 26.01.2018

P7M have had the opportunity to focus on the following learning, both new and consolidating prior learning:


  • We have continued our investigation into profit & loss.
  • To support quick recall of maths facts to aid our money calculations we have recently returned to using “Learn-Its”. This will be a daily focus until the February break.

Literacy / Language

  • We listened for information and took notes during a fascinating talk given by Mrs Ritchie about the Navy in WWII.
  • We have continued to analyse the thoughts/emotions/feelings of some characters in the novel we are studying in class.
  • We have introduced the radio 2 500 word story competition, which provides an opportunity to write for a purpose ensuring every word counts.
  • We consolidated our learning on animals in German.

Social Studies

  • We were very fortunate in having a visit from some Edinburgh University Engineering students who provided a workshop on bridges. Not only did we learn that a triangle was the most efficient shape to use in the bridge, we had a lot of fun working in teams creating a variety of bridges which were then tested to “destruction”. (Most survived, being able to hold up the maximum weight).
  • The Panda party were the winners of democratic election, they will be presenting their school manifesto ideas to the school’s management team.
  • Our study on “Conflict” was a highlight this week, with visits from some Grandads to share their knowledge, we have also investigated various leaders from both the Axis & Allies sides involved in WWII.
  • In addition we have been planning out what we want to learn as part of our personal project on “Conflict”, with a focus on WWI or the American Civil War.


  • 12 of the P7 pupils took part in a basketball competition on the 22 January. They did really well getting to the final.