P3B Reflective Friday 2.2.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have continued our multiplication focus and have been counting up in 2s 4s and 8s.  Because these times tables all link.  Double two is four and double four is eight.
  • To help figure out the 8 times table we had to practice our doubling.  We have been learning a new partitioning method to help.
  • Doubling method – partitioning

  • We have made an array city for our maths wall. 

Array city

  • We have learned how to use an array for division.  If we have 20 counters and we arrange them into rows of 4 there will be 5 rows. 
  • A sorted array

  • We have produced leaflets about Scotland.  These leaflets include information about myths, places, food & drink, animals, weather and language. 
  • We have been thinking up lots of different adjectives, verbs and nouns for our class wall display.
  • In gym we have been developing our gymnastic skills.  We had the wall bars where we practiced balancing and climbing, we climbed and swung on the ropes, we travelled along the beam in different ways (some of us even tried going backwards) and the springboard and box where we had to use two hands when jumping on to the box to keep our legs straight.
We enjoyed:
  • Drawing and colouring Highland Cows in the style of Steven Brown.  
  • We enjoyed learning about the Scottish flag and then creating our own Scottish flag.