P3M Reflective Friday 02.02.18


This week in Writing we started to create a leaflet all about Scotland. We enjoyed sharing our research notes with each other to make our writing informative. We tried to include interesting openers and adjectives to make it sound exciting – some of us found this tricky! We will continue this next week.

We enjoyed spelling (oi/oy) this week. We know these sounds are best friends and make the same sound.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been busy this week learning about division (using our multiplying knowledge), measure and area. We really enjoyed using arrays to help us understand. In Measure we explored lots of resources such as rulers, trundle wheels and jugs to get us thinking about measuring and what units we use. We will continue this next week – through length, volume and weight.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • In P.E. we thought about how quickly our hearts were beating during exercise and why this was. We got to use the apparatus in  gymnastics which was so much fun!  Some of us did find it was quite high!
  • We continued to learn about Scotland and enjoyed researching lots of information – including using the ipads!
  • We want to find out more about flags.