P3S 02.02.18

Two things to try this week 🙂
*measure the length, weight and capacity of different objects at home (using a ruler, scales and measuring jug – or anything else you have)
*identify nouns, adjectives and verbs in your reading book

Numeracy and Maths

In Numeracy, we have continued practising multiplication and division with our knowledge of arrays and number lines. We have also started using our fingers to help us multiply in our heads.

We explored the links between the 2, 4 and 8 times tables. In knowing that 2 x 3 = 6, we can work out 4 x 3 by doubling the 6. Likewise, if we know that 4 x 3 = 12, we can work out 8 x 3 by doubling 12.
Some of us found this quite a tricky concept to understand, and some us were able to work out the 4 and 8 times tables without needing to start from the 2 times table. However it is a useful strategy for multiplying bigger numbers, so we will go over this again next week. We will hopefully start looking at the links between 3, 6 and 9 as well.

Topmarks is a website with lots of good numeracy games, if you would like to practise multiplication and division at home.

In Maths, we looked at some of the different ways of measuring. We measured the length and width of objects using a ruler, metre stick, measuring tape and trundle wheel. Measuring weight, we used balance and electronic scales. And for capacity, we used a measuring jug to see how much water objects could hold.
We also learned about the area of shapes, by measuring squares and rectangles on squared paper.

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Literacy and Language

We have been identifying nouns, adjectives and verbs this week. You could practise writing sentences and then identify the types of words you have used.

After researching information about Scotland online, and looking through the real life leaflets kindly brought in by Joe (big thank you for that!), we have started creating our very own Visit Scotland leaflets. We decided our layout, information, matching pictures and front cover, and will do our final draft of them next week. 

Our spelling words this week have focused on the ou and ow sound.
Some words you could practise at home include out, our, mouse, round, about, mountain, owl, brown, flower and shouted. 


Health and Wellbeing

In PE we have been climbing, jumping and balancing in gymnastics, which has been a little nerve wracking for some, but we’ve been really brave and have ended up loving it.

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