Reflective Friday 2.02.2018

P7M have had the opportunity to focus on the following learning, both new and consolidating prior learning:


  • We have continued our investigation into profit & loss.
  • Learn-Its have been practised everyday – with personal best being achieved daily with many pupils graduating to a new level.

Literacy / Language

  • We have started to plan our 500 word story. As part of this learning we have investigated all the “building blocks” required to make a memorable piece of writing. There is a lot to remember!
  • As part of our class novel study we have investigated techniques used by an author to add suspense, tension.

Social Studies

  • We had a wonderful visit to the Scottish Parliament, where we had the opportunity to sit in a Committee room chair (and use the microphone) and explore the Debating Chamber. We had lots of questions to ask. The quiz using Kahoot was great – it showed we had learnt a lot both in class and during our visit.
  • We were very fortunate to have secured some Haggis courtesy of McSween’s.To enjoy this delicacy the pupils planned out an afternoon of activities to celebrate their love of Scotland. Bunting was manufactured, activities  practised and cakes/biscuits made at home. We had a wonderful afternoon on Thursday when we had a lovely celebration, by sharing, poetry, music (courtesy of the cello players), song and dance. Thank you to all for your input, it made a very special afternoon.
  • Our study on “Conflict” has continued with completion of our posters on leaders, which are now on display for all to see.
  • We spent some time planning out how to create a WW2 themed classroom. The pupils have a lot of ideas along with their success criteria. There is certainly a lot of knowledge in the class on how to build an Anderson Shelter (some of the models which have arrived in school are amazing)
  • In addition we have been researching our personal project on “Conflict”, with a focus on WWI or the American Civil War.


  • Gymnastics skills our are current focus.