P7A Weekly Blog

We have been learning to:


  • calculate the dimensions of a full size Anderson Shelter
  • calculate cooking times for the Haggis at the Burns Supper


  • plan the structure of our entries for the BBC Radio 2 500 Words Story Competition
  • create a character profile injecting some our personality to bring it alive
  • use different similes for effect
  • overwrite to make our writing original

Social Studies

  • understand how the Scottish Parliament works
  • understand how The Presiding Officer controls the proceedings in the Debating Chamber
  • use our literacy skills to skim and scan when researching our personal project


  • climb up the ropes in PE
  • jump off PE equipment safely
  • dance at our Burns supper made us feel tired and happy!


Next week we will be:

  • prepare and organise for our Parent Drop-in
  • finish our planning for our 500 Words and start writing the story
  • improving on our Beat That’s (Learnits)

written by Sammi

Have a lovely weekend!