Primary One Home Learning Wednesday 7th Feb 2018


Please follow the activity as directed in your child’s reading jotter. If your child has been given a word wall please continue to practise any highlighted words.


We have been revising our digraphs sounds this week (sh, ch, wh, th, ai, ay, ee, ea, oa, ow, igh, and -y).  Use your flashcards to help you recognise the sounds.  See if you can teach an adult or someone at home the actions we have learnt.

As an extra challenge, see how many words you can make with these sounds.

You might find the following link useful:

Jolly Phonics Songs

Alphablocks (Youtube).


We have been practising forming the letters for the sounds we have been learning.  Some of us have been focussing on forming the letters in our name correctly too.  Keep practising forming letters correctly using the sheet sent home at the curriculum afternoon. We have also been practising writing a sentence using finger spaces and fullstops.