P3B Reflective Friday 9.2.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have moved our attention away from the 2, 4 and 8 times table to begin identifying the links between the 5 and 10 times table.  The 10 times table is double the 5 times table.  Every number in the 10 times table appears in the 5 times table.
  • The 10 and 5 times table. The numbers with two colours are in both times tables and the numbers with one colour are only in the 5 times table. 

  • We have learned about measure. We split into groups across the year group and learned about volume and capacity, length and weight.  We did practical experiments and learned about the units of measure – cm and m (length), g and kg (weight), and ml and l (volume/ capacity). 
  • Measuring volume and capacity

  • We developed our understanding of adjectives, verbs and nouns so we can use these independently in our writing.   To practice at home you can play this game.
  • We wrote letters to Teatopia and Breadstix asking for their support with our learning.
  • We wrote stories about being in the Scottish countryside whilst listening to Scottish music.  We were using adjectives to describe what we could see and use feelings and emotions to describe how we felt.
  • In gym we have been further developing our gymnastic skills. We also went to the new hall and learned the Virginia Reel.  We learned the steps in sections and then put it all together to the music (provided by Sandy’s mum).  We really enjoyed the dancing.
We enjoyed:
  • The bake sale ran by Primary 6s.   Lots of yummy cakes with the proceeds going to Marie Curie.  
  • We really enjoyed learning the ceilidh dance and are looking forward to doing more. 
  • Writing letters to Teatopia and Breadstix.