P4G Reflective Friday 9.2.18

What have we learned?


Our new approach to reading is going really well!  Please can we ask parents to sign their children’s reading record each week to help us to monitor their reading.  A link is attached below if they have misplaced their reading record.

Reading record

In Spelling this week we did a dictation to revise all of our spelling patterns and tricky words.

We also continued to work on apostrophes for contractions.


In reading, we visualised chapter four of Kaspar.  We also drew detailed pictures of a short descriptive passage of writing using our visualisation skills with our learning partners.  Thank you to all parents who were able to come in to see us hard at work on Tuesday!  Have a look at one of our visualisation tasks from this week.


Numeracy and Maths:

In Maths we looked at the 12 and 24 hour clock and digital time.  We revised 2D shapes.

We have worked on rounding to the nearest ten.  Try to remember that 5 rounds up!


Here we are playing a game all about rounding.


Here is a link to a game you could play to practise your rounding skills:


Other areas:

Making our Titanic Wall.  In our Titanic topic we got a piece of wall each in our tables to display our learning on. We can add to it whenever we like!

In PE we were using the Gymnastics equipment.

We worked on our miming skills in Drama with P4H and we learned about Tempo in Music.

What have we enjoyed?

“I enjoyed eating cakes from the bake sale.” Sarah

“I enjoyed doing music and drama.” Jessica

“I enjoyed using the book corner.” Daniel

“I loved eating our cakes for break!” Charlie

“We liked decorating the bit of wall for Titanic.” Ingrid and Ariana

What have we found challenging?

Some of the times that we were looking at especially problem solving, beat-thats, rounding.

What would we like to learn next week?

Some more about the Titanic and why the first class passengers didn’t listen to the captain; more music and art, French.