P2D Reflective Friday


All children have a reading book home. Your child will also have a script home. Please work on learning the lines at home.


We are now working on the soft ‘g’ sound- age words

wage                                      cabbage

page                                       blockage



Can you spell these words by using rainbow writing at home?

Continue working on the tricky words which were uploaded on the last reflective Friday post.


This week we are continuing to:

  • tell the time to quarter past and quarter to the hour
  • revise identifying all coins and their value
  • find a total using all coins up to £1

Money game

(Click on mixed coins and exact money)

IDL- Topic

We have been organising our stage show this week.

We did complete some Scotland art work- tartan.

We have also blended colours to create a polar bear image- there are lots of polar bears in our show!

What we have enjoyed this week:

  • changing our seats
  • finding out which part we have in our show
  • sorting and identifying coins
  • finger painting soft ‘g’ words

Next week we would like to:

  • create our very own Loch Ness Monsters
  • use the equipment in the gym hall.