P6T WB 19/2/18


Our first week back from our February holiday has been, as always, a busy one!

In Spelling we have been looking at ‘dis’ and ‘un’ prefixes and they mean not and the opposite.

We have continued our novel; The Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom and looking at how the main character has changed and reading between the lines.

In Maths we have finished work on angles, area and perimeter by investigating triangles. To assess and apply what we have been learning, we worked very well in groups to solve problems in designing a golf course. We’ve included some of our finished ones below.

Our new topic is Ancient Greece. We have used some ‘Thinking routines’ to help explore ideas and misconceptions. We have been improving how to research and take notes and we have begun making our fact books. We even made a Parthenon in the corner of our class!

In PE we continued gymnastics and Better Movers, Better Thinkers. We also talked about what it is like when we are stuck and we end up in the ‘Learning pit’ and what we can do to get out of it.

A reminder that PE is on a Monday and a Wednesday. Can any un-returned Learning Stories be sent back as soon as possible please.

Many Thanks


Mr Taylor and P6T

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