Primary One Home Learning Wednesday 7 March


Please follow the activity as directed in your child’s reading jotter. If your child has been given a word wall please continue to practise these words.


Our new sounds are ‘oi’ as in ‘coin’ and ‘oy’ as in ‘toy’.  Use your flashcards to help you recognise the sounds.  See if you can teach an adult or someone at home the actions we have learnt to help us remember the sounds these digraphs make.

As an extra challenge, see how many words you can make with these sounds.

Tricky Words

Our new tricky (or common) words are ‘there’ and ‘were’.  Keep practising recognising these along with the rest of the tricky words we have been learning.

Listening and Talking

Prepare a short talk about your favourite book.  The areas you should try to cover include:

  • The name of the book.
  • The author and illustrator.
  • The main parts of the story.
  • Why it is your favourite book.

You should be prepared to share your talk with the class during the week beginning Monday 12 March.


We have been focussing on our addition and subtraction skills.  See if you can teach someone at home what we have been learning about taking away.