World Book Day (again)

World Book Day was on Thursday 1st March (last Thursday) and due to the snow all events in the school have been postponed to this week.  Children can dress up (on Friday 9th) as a character from their favourite book.  They can also bring in that favourite book and perhaps the one they are currently reading if it is different. 

Image result for fantastic mr fox roald dahl original cover Image result for gangsta grannyImage result for famous five enid blyton book coverImage result for Horrid henry book coverImage result for green eggs and ham

There will be a few activities going on in school on Thursday such as:

  • DEAR – Drop Everything and Read

    • A bell will sound and at that moment children are to stop anything they are doing and begin to read the story they have brought with them.

  • Book Swap

    • As we had during Book Week Scotland there will be a box in the top landing and lower landing of the school where children can drop off a book they have enjoyed reading for a book someone else has deposited.

Finally, the P3 class libraries are in need of some modernisation and an update and it would be great if any families could donate some books, so that we can restock our libraries with fresh literature for the children. 

Thank you,

The P3 Team.