We wrote adventure stories
We learned to spell the words old and house
We discussed nouns
We used time openers to write instructions on how to dress warmly for the cold weather.
On our Spelling City page, you can access the tricky word lists and some fun games to play for extra practice.

Thank you for your continued support with practising key vocabulary and signing the reading record.

We are continuing to work in class on predicting, analysing and discussing the wide range of texts we read – including, but not limited to, our home reading books. We would encourage the children to make personal choices of reading material from home and library – school reading books are only a small part of becoming an avid reader.

The whole school ‘word of the week’ au revoir .

We also continued to practise using greetings such as Bonjour, Salut, Bonsoir, Ça va ?

Numeracy & Mathematics

We were learning to count and share  in equal groups.
We were learning o total an amount of coins by starting with the coin of largest value and adding one coin at a time.

You could practice this at home by picking 3 , 4 (or more) coins from a collection and working out how much money you have.
Other areas of the curriculum

We have enjoyed discussing What we already know about oenguins and then using the internet to find out more.

We were surprised to learn that not all penguins live in cold places !


World book day

We enjoyed dressing up as book characters today, and doing a book scavenger hunt with the p6s.