P2D Reflective Friday

All Learning Stories will come home today. Please share your child’s targets and evidence at home.

Parent feedback is much appreciated. Please comment in the section at the bottom of the target pages.


All children have a core reading book home. Spot any vowel digraphs as you read.

(ay, ai, ea, ee, oo, ew, oi, oy, au, aw, ou, ow)


We are revisiting all soft ‘c’ and soft ‘g’ words this week. We are also having a big focus on tricky words. Please see uploaded tricky word sheets on a previous post.

Maths & Numeracy

This week we are:

  • Continuing to identify coins and finding a total.
  • Calculating change from £1- the chocolate bar costs 60p- how much change from £1.
  • In order to calculate change from £1 we are working on identifying jigsaw numbers to 100 by using our knowledge of number bonds to 10.

6 + 4 = 10                8 + 2= 10

60 + 40 = 100         80 + 20 = 100


IDL- Topic

We have been learning all about the life of ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ and creating line drawings of her. (This will be completed week beginning 12.3.18)

We have been creating posters to advertise our SHOW!

This week we have enjoyed:

  • Sharing our ‘snow’ news!
  • Outdoor learning- money outdoors!

Next week we would like to:

  • Continue to work on our ‘SHOW’
  • Share our ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ on our learning wall