P4G Reflective Friday 9.3.18

What have we learned?


In Reading we have been working on questioning and we worked with our reading partners to write some questions about Kaspar, using the Remembering Superpower.

We have been learning about the two different oy/oi sounds in Spelling.  See link below:


Week 16 oyoi

Today, we have dressed up as our favourite book characters, brought in our favourite books and been to the Book Fair.  We dropped whatever we were doing when the bell went to do some reading.

In Handwriting on descenders such as g and ys.

Numeracy and Maths:

We have completed our Beat-Thats aiming to get faster and more accurate each week.  Keep practising at home.  We are practising our times tables, especially the 3 and 4 times.

In class we have been learning more about 3-D shapes.  Can you work out which 3D shapes are being described below?


Other areas:

All of us got into pairs/trios to design and make a model of a cabin from the Titanic.  To do this we had to do lots of research into what the living conditions, decor, clothing and facilities might be like in a certain class of cabin.  We will share photos of these on the blog next week once they are complete.

In Resilience we were thinking about there being noone quite like you.  Can you work out why we were looking at potatoes??


What have we enjoyed?

“We enjoyed making our Titanic models” Katherine

“I enjoyed World Book Day, getting to read when the bell goes.” Hazel

“I enjoyed going to the Book Fair and discussing that everyone is different.”

What have we found challenging?

The 3-D shapes were a bit challenging, using the correct vocabulary: vertices, edges and faces.

Making the Titanic cabins was a bit tricky!

What would we like to learn next week?

More about Music, Art and Titanic and Resilience.

We look forward to welcoming you into class next week for Parent Consultations.  We will give your child’s learning story home during the consultation so that we can discuss targets with you.

For the Buckstone Birthday celebrations we are learning the lyrics to We are the Champions.  Here is a link below if you would like to help your child practise at home.