P6T WB 5/3/18

This week we have been learning about sources of historical evidence and whether they are reliable or not. We researched Alexander the Great and explored how the Greek empire grew in more detail.  We even made use of the snowy weather and made greek temples in the snow!

In Maths we have continued with fractions and we are feeling confident in recognising that 6/6=1,  3/3=1. With this in mind, we looked at mixed numbers and improper fractions and how to change between the two eg. 4 1/3 = 13/3 & 19/6 = 3 1/6.  We also began looking at equivalent fractions. It would be beneficial if children at home could practise using their knowledge of times tables and divide numbers with remainders mentally.

We are nearing the final chapters of our class novel, and we can see a big change in the main character Bradley. We thought about his feelings as people begin to notice the difference in him and wrote a diary entry based on his experiences of one day in school.