P7A Weekly Blog Reflective Friday 9.3.18

We have been learning:


  • to use and interpret timetables and schedules to plan events and activities, and make time calculations
  • to Use the formula Distance= Speed x Time


  • about the impact of inspirational women on International Womens’ Day and identifying the key events in their life stories
  • how to write Bloom’s Taxonomy questions in order to develop our Higher Order Thinking Skills

Social Studies

  • to make comparisons with our current wardrobe and that of a child in WWII; we also had to make decisions about what clothing was necessary in line with what we could purchase with Ration Tokens during WWII
  • devise Bloom’s Questions in preparation for our visit from RAF Squadron Leader Jerry


  • to self-assess risk and danger at home and outside during our visit to the Risk Factory

Next week we will be:

  • Learning about the Battle of Britain and the Holocaust in Social Studies
  • Learning about Chance &n Probability and Data Handling in Maths
  • Learning about War Poetry in Literacy
  • Learning about Respect and Self Respect in HWB

written by Mrs Magill

Have a lovely weekend!