P3B Reflective Friday 16.3.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • This week in maths we have been continuing to practice all times tables.
  • We have been creating arrays to help slowly build up our times tables.

  • We will be using an app called ‘Multiplication Game Math Learn’ (I can’t create a link for this sorry) which helps children focus on a times table they need to practice and will highlight weaknesses in other times tables. 

When you click ‘competition’ in the app this is what it looks like.

  • We have been learning to write a set of instructions.
    • We had to include numbers for each step
    • we had to include a range of time openers
    • we had to include imperative verbs.

Love Potion – this potion makes you be loved.

Health Potion – This potion makes you be healthy forever.

  • We ventured out into the mild weather to create potions from materials we found in the playground (and food colouring). 

The potions were lots of different colours!


  • In gym we have been developing our badminto skills.  We were travelling to hit the ball.  Practicing our racquet skills with by keeping the shuttlecock off the ground.
  • In football we were practicing our passing skills.



  •  We had a fantastic time swimming this week.  We had our assessment and were learning about treading water, blowing bubbles through our nose and mouth and also about keeping a flat body whilst swmiming (our eyes and nose must be facing the bottom of the pool).
  • A reminder that all children should come equipped with their swmiming costume, towel, SWIMMING CAP and goggles if required.

Sport Relief – A big thank you to everyone who donated in Primary 3B – the costumes were fantastic!