P3M What have we been learning Week Ending 16.03.18

P3M What have we been learning? Week Ending 16.03.18


  • We have been learning how to write a set of instructions using bossy verbs!
  • We found it challenging to write the steps in order.
  • We have all been reading non fiction books. We found it challenging to use the glossary correctly.
  • Most of us are enjoying reading non fiction books and learning about the different features e.g the contents and index pages.
  • In spelling we worked on magic e with i words. E.g. Spine, decline, line. The magic e makes the i sound say its name rather than its sound.


  • We have been working on lots of different times tables.
  • We enjoyed making fortune tellers and playing fun maths games to help us learn our facts.
  • We found some of the times tables challenging. We are going to look for patterns between the tables to help us. For example you can double the two times table to help with the four times table.
  • We want to work on division next week.


  • In PE we found badminton quite a challenge.
  • On Wednesday we had our second session of football skills. Next week could everyone please bring outdoor PE kit so we can do the rest of the block outside.
  • We enjoyed learning the Buckstone School song and our p3 song Buckstone Way for the birthday celebration show next week.
  • We want to work more on “respect yourself” as part of our whole school HWB programme.
  • We hope that we can remember the words to our songs!!