P6T WB 12/3/18

It was very nice to meet everyone at parents evenings this week.

We have completed work on fractions this week and have reviewed changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, finding fractions of quantitites, simplifying fractions, and ordering fractions. Next week we will move on to decimals.

We also completed our class novel and discussed the ending and how the character has changed throughout the story.

Last week we researched Alexander the Great and we learned how to organised our notes into a mindmap.

We have been exploring the extent of the Greek Empire and what modern day countries were part of it. We looked at the physical landscapes in these countries and thought of reasons why the army decided to turn back. We thought of:

Mountains: The air is thin in high altitudes, snow and blizzards, freezing temperatures, frostbite and hypothermia, lack of food

Desert: lack of water/dehydrations, sunburn, sunstroke, lack of food and difficult terrain that would be tiring to climb.

We created learning passports to show how much challenge we enjoy and take on in class and what areas we do not feel confident in and developing our growth mindsets.