P4G Reflective Friday 23.3.18

What have we learned?


Spelling pattern: aw which can be found at the beginning, middle and end of words.

Week 18 aw words

We wrote letters to our families pretending that we were passengers on the Titanic.  We told them all about our adventures aboard the Unsinkable Ship.

Working in groups, we made a poster to show how to use bullet points.

Numeracy and Maths

In class we have been working on strategies to help us with our times tables.  These include: arrays, drawing groups, skip counting, number lines and repeated addition.  We are looking at patterns in the 2, 4 and 8 times tables.  Please keep practising at home! If you’re already a times table expert, can you turn them into division facts?

We have been working on the properties of 3-D shapes.

Other Areas:

In Art, we made our own “McCoos” in the style of Steven Brown using oil pastels or chalks.

In Titanic we researched to find new facts to share with the class.

We have been really busy singing and practising for the Buckstone Birthday Show.  Our rendition of the school song and We Are the Champions were AWESOME!!!


What we have enjoyed:

“I have enjoyed drawing the McCoos.” Hazel

“I enjoyed getting the medal for the Birthday Show!” Ingrid

“I liked the Buckstone Birthday Show.” Sarah

“I loved seeing my dad at the Buckstone Birthday!” Charlie

“I liked my brother, DJ Donnie, in his show.” Ariana

Please take a look at our work on the Titanic!