P6T WB 19/3/18

We did so well in singing for our school’s 40th birthday celebrations, well done all!

This week we have moved from fractions to decimals and focussed on place value, sequencing and ordering. Some of us are working on tenths, some on hundredths.

We read the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and looked for words that show a change in scene (both in time and place). We spent a lot of time looking at connectives and how they can be used not only to join two sentences and placed in the middle, but how they can begin a sentence. We talked in detail about where commas should go and got to play around with some sentences from the story.

We also read Pandora’s Box and looked at more intersting vocabulary to desscribe the characters. This proved really interesting and caused lots of discussion on the difference between words and which were more appropriate. For example; argumentative/nagging, stubborn/sulky and stubborn/determined.

In the time of ancient Greece many wars were fought, and we learned about what weapons were used and about the lives of soldiers. We created hoplite shields in the style of design that was used.