P7A Weekly Blog/Reflective Friday

We have been learning:


  • to use the traditional or chunking methods in long division.
  • to analyse and interpret data.


  • to put ourselves into the characters’ shoes in Goodnight Mister Tom.
  • to write a war diary based on eye witness diaries in WWII.

Social Studies

  • to understand the classifications of the Nuremburg race laws,
  • to analyse and carryout a comparative study on WWII & WWI or the American Civil war,
  • about anti-Semitism and the events of the Holocaust.


  • about road safety from PC Fowler,
  • to share positive affirmation about ourselves,
  • that the Basketball team came 3rd,
  • to participate in circle games to help Sam get to know us.

Modern Languages

  • to recognise and pronounce names of food in German,
  • to plan a special farewell to our German student.

Expressive Arts

  • to perform ‘Money, money, money’ by ABBA for the 40th celebration,
  • what the P7 show is and we are all excited to perform it…
  • to develop our drama techniques.

Written by Niko Krokidis