Buckstone PS turns 40!

On Friday 23rd March it was a special day for the pupils and staff of Buckstone Primary School. We were not only celebrating 40 years of our school but we also opened our new gym hall. This definitely called for a special celebration.

After the official opening, where the oldest P7 and oldest P1 joined with one of the first pupils at Buckstone and the current Headteacher to cut the ribbon, the show began. Each year stage sang a song from the 1970s. Songs included Money, Money, Money by Abba and We are the Champions by Queen. Everyone did a great job at learning the lyrics and adding in actions/dance moves.

After each song the children were presented with a medal to mark the 40th birthday of the school. They absolutely loved their medals.

Refreshments were then served (some even made by the children) to end the occasion. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to the next 40 years of Buckstone PS!