P3B Reflective Friday 29.3.18

Our learning this week in P3B we have been learning:

We have had a fun packed week with lots of activities across primary 3.

We have been learning the spelling pattern of ‘magic e’ with ‘u’ as the vowel. 
We have practiced two different handwriting joins – or and oor and also irt, url and irl.  The children found joining the ‘r’ particularly difficult.
We had a visit from the RSPB on Tuesday – we learned how we can help birds and other animals.  We took a wander around the playground and were searching for some habitats for small creatues such as hedgehogs, frogs, robins, ladybirds and lots of different kinds of insects.  We discovered the importance of these habitats for birds as they can be a good source of safety with friends and family, food, water and safe travel.

Listening to the RSPB leader

Playing a game searching for food, water and comfort.

Playing the game.

Ticking off habitats

Searching for habitats.

On Wednesday we went to Fairmilehead church and had a fantastic time! We learned about the workings of the church and we also had a hard quiz about the story of easter.

We were made to feel very welcome at the chruch.

Each team had a chant

Checking the answers.

Singing along

There were lots of actions to learn


We have also made Easter cards – look out for these in school bags.



Have a fantastic relaxing couple of weeks off.  Make the most of the sunny weather when it is out!