P3M What we have been learning WB 26.03.18


In Literacy this week we watched a video about how a seed grows. After taking notes we had to present this information in our own way. Lots of people chose to do a poster. They were great!

After focusing on instruction writing this term we finished our final one and assessed our work. We had to read over our work to see if we had bossy verbs, time connectives, if our instructions were numbered and all of the features (title, ingredients and method) were included. This of course had to be in the correct order.

Maths and Numeracy

In Maths this week we focused on Money where some of us had to use the correct coins to make the correct amount and others were continuing to find the difference between 2 amounts. (Please see previous post for example). We found this tricky so we will continue this after Easter.

We also continued to look at fact families for division. Some of us found this tricky and others were fairly confident.

Health and Wellbeing

In P.E. we were developing our skills in badminton. We had to keep the ball up using the rackets.

We enjoyed doing the Run a Mile. We all tried our best!

Unfortunately, football was cancelled this week and will continue the first week back – please remember outdoor kits.

Other areas of the curriculum 

  • We really enjoyed the RSPB visit where we played games and searched around the school to see how animal friendly the school grounds were. After this we designed habitats for animals to live.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the church. We met the minister and worked in teams to solve answers. This was really fun.
  • We liked sharing our song with the rest of the school “We can have our own say”.

We hope you have a lovely holiday and see you all back on Tuesday 17th April! 🙂