P3B Reflective Friday 20.4.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • This week in maths we have been beginning to do some quick fire addition.   We had to answer 17 single digit addition questions as fast as we could and then recorded our time.  We aim to beat it next time!
  • We have been learning about the 9x table. 


    We learned how to use our fingers. When you put your fourth finger down it tells you the answer to 9×4. There are three tens and six units.

    The digits of a number in the 9x table always add up to 9. We know that 486 is in the the 9x table the same way that 27 is in the 9 times table.

  • We have began made booklets to help us remember multiplication and division strategies. 
  • Our spelling pattern this week is removing the magic e and adding ing.   Make – ‘e’  + ing     Making.
  • We have written a persuasive letter to the City of Edinburgh Council, to Muller and to some supermarkets trying to urge them to stop using single use plastic such as the sandwich casing (in Friday lunches), straws in the milk and bottled water in supermarkets. 
    • We used persuasive phrases such as ‘I feel’ so we can share our opinion and ‘for this reason’ as we shared some facts.  We used persuasive words such as ‘definitely’ and ‘important’. 


  • In football we headed outside and were practicing our dribbling skills.  We played a boys vs boys football match and a girls vs girls football match.
  • We had a great time at swimming this week and everyone has made fantastic improvements and hadn’t forgotten too much over the holidays.
In RME we labeled the different parts of the church and created a gargoyle. 

We all made quite scary gargoyles.


Mrs Imrie paid us a visit and we had a discussion about looking back on last term and what we’re looking forward too this term.