P3M What have we be learning? Week Ending 20.04.18


In reading we have been learning about inference. This is when you come to an answer by filling in information that wasn’t directly said. We used clues from the text and from our background knowledge to answer these questions. Some of us did a ‘show not tell’ challenge where we had to write about a cold afternoon without explicitly saying it was cold. The rest of the class had to infer the time of day and what the day was.

In spelling we learned to drop the e when adding ing. For example make becomes making and rake becomes raking.

We really enjoyed playing a game outside to develop our use of connectives. We learned how to join s to other letters in handwriting.

We found it quite challenging to write a letter and would like to work on this more next week.


We enjoyed learning more about money. We learned to add different amounts of money and also find the difference between two amounts.

We created our own skip counting puzzles and want to keep working on counting in differerent sequences. Here are some puzzles!


We learned about the Commonwealth Games this week. We really enjoyed team games in PE.

We revised colours in French.

We made suggestions about what we would like to learn this term. We will be learning about how plants and animals rely on each other and food chains next. We will then learn about how to keep our bodies healthy and finally about our local area.