P3S 20.04.18

Two things to try this week 🙂
*look at the structure and language of a letter – address, date, ‘dear’, ‘yours sincerely’ etc.
*practise dividing

p.s. please remember to bring back PE kits, indoor shoes and reading books. Thank you! 🙂

Numeracy and Maths

This week we have revised our multiplication and division strategies (using an empty number line, equal groups, arrays, fingers to help count in our heads, and fact families).

We are trying to multiply and divide quickly, accurately and confidently, which will come with lots and lots of practice.

We enjoyed the challenge of answering tricky word problems. If you’d like to challenge your child at home, here is a copy of what we did in class and you could change the numbers or scenarios: multiply and divide word problems

We also revised finding the difference between two amounts of money in order to work out the change. Using a number line, we counted on or counted back to calculate the change. Some of us found this pretty tricky, so we will keep practising using number lines for money.



Literacy and Language

We have been reading non-fiction books this week on a variety of topics. We really enjoyed finding out interesting facts about chocolate, the Titanic, blood, animals and creatures!

In writing, we have started a focus on letters. We looked at the structure of a formal letter – where the address of the sender, recipient and date are at the top of the page. We practised writing a letter to a French pupil, telling them about ourselves. Writing our surnames and the school address was tricky for some of us.

Our spelling words this week have focused on the magic ‘e’ and ‘ing’ rule. We learned to drop the magic ‘e’ when adding ‘ing’ at the end.  
Some words you could practise at home include: make – makingtape – taping, shake – shakingscrape – scrapingdrive – drivingride – ridingstore – storing, joke – joking and use – using.


Health and Wellbeing

In PE, Pam has come back for our last 3 weeks of football training. Our dribbling skills are really improving! We need to be respectful and kind to each other during and after games, whether we win or lose. This is a conversation you could have at home as well 🙂

We have also started a mini focus on basketball, after hearing all about Argyll’s exciting basketball club.

With the better weather, we have been improving our fitness with an afternoon run around the playground. By the summer holidays we will be like Mo Farah! 🙂



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Wildlife friendly playground

After our fantastic visit from the RSPB before the Easter holidays, we created our first habitats and food sources in the playground by planting wildflowers for bees, insects and butterflies. Hopefully we’ll see them before the summer holidays!



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