P5F Reflective Friday 20.4.18

This week we reflected as a whole class! Here are some highlights from our week.

Enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely weekend!

  • we have learned some amazing facts about Earth Day. For example we produce 300 million tons of plastic per year!!
  • we started our Ukulele lessons this week and we were recapping the different parts of the instrument AND the different chords we need to know.
  • we created our own skeletons and also learned the names of bones. We did not know the name of some of these before. We labelled our skeletons.
  • P5F have enjoyed the sunshine this week and have been practising our ball skills. We were working as part of a team – great!
  • Spelling – we learned a new rule this week (hard K sound) and created our own fantastic games in order to practise these.