P3M What we have been learning 27.04.18


This week we have been learning about compound words. These are two words together which makes one word, e.g. straw+berry = strawberry, sun + shine = sunshine and snow + man = snowman.

In Writing, we enjoyed describing a superhero. We had to use adjectives to make our writing interesting and change an author’s words to make it our own. We found this quite tricky. We made up our own superheroes. These included Panda Man, Typewriter Boy and Dreamer. Please watch the skies to see us!

In Reading, we are continuing to read fiction stories and answer questions to show our understanding. We have also started to think about the difference between facts and opinions.



This week we started our work on fractions! We enjoyed learning about halves (by halving shapes, halving numbers and putting halves on a number line). Some of us found the number line work tricky as at times some of the numbers weren’t there and we had to plot whole numbers as well as fractions! We want to work on this next week!


Health and Wellbeing 

In PE we have been practising for Sports Day. This included sprinting, jumping and throwing. We did find passing the baton tricky and would like to work on this.

We also learned about not leaving others out and played team games to help us!


Other areas of the curriculum 

  • In Topic we have started to learn about food chains. We enjoyed this and want to continue to learn about them.
  • Someone brought in a book about food chains and we listened to them share information.