P4H Wk beg: 23/4/18

Here is what we have been up to in P4H this week!

We have been so busy getting prepared for our assembly this week we have only had time to say what we enjoyed at the bottom. Mrs Haynes has put in some pictures in the other parts showing what we have been up to!


If you have a dress-up outfit or uniform for a job, can you please bring this in on Monday in a bag with your name on it? If you don’t have an outfit then please take in a shirt, blouse or white polo shirt with a tie to wear for the assembly.

Numeracy and Maths

 This is us practising our 3,6, and 9 times tables using a fun game.


We all celebrated being superheroes on Thursday and wrote about our superpowers using paragraphs.

Topic and other areas

 This is picures of us testing our lifeboats for our final mission. We had a couple of sunken ships but many floated.

We completed our clover artwork for the competition we were entering and Mrs Haynes has delivered the. Here is our artwork below!

Please continue to practise 9 to 5 – our first Assembly is on Tuesday to P2 and P3!

What have we enjoyed?

Jacob – Making the lifeboats.

Hannah – designing the superhero masks and writing paragraphs about the superpowers.

Eilidh – Ukulele.

Ella – I liked ukulele as well.

What have we found challenging?

Learning our lines for the assembly and learning the dance.

Designing and making the lifeboats because we didn’t know if things would sink or float.

Switching chords when we were playing ukulele.

What would we like to learn next week?

The Vikings, ukulele, read more of How to Train your Dragon.

Gregor doesn’t want to end the Titanic!