P2D Reflective Friday 4.5.18


  • All children have a book home to read. Please ask you child questions about what they are reading.
  • We are learning the rule of adding ‘ing’ to a verb. See below some examples:

jump- jumping (mp= two consonants so we just add ‘ing’)

make- making (remove the ‘e’ and add ‘ing)

spot- spotting (double up the consonant and then add ‘ing)

Can you spot any ‘ing’ words as your read? Which rule has been used?


  • We are continuing to work on multiplication. 4 x 3 =  4 sets of 3.
  • We are working on answering 2x table facts quickly using our knowledge of doubles.
  • We are beginning a ‘measure’ topic in the next few weeks. Can you spot any equipment to measure weight and length at home?

Below is a multiplication game: Click on timetables and then 2x table.

Multiplication game


  • We had a visit from a real-life Paramedic today! How exciting. A big thank you to Sam’s Dad for visiting us. We learned all about the role of a Paramedic and what the job involves. We even got to have a look in an ambulance.
  • We have been learning about the different organs in our body. We made organ bibs which we brought home to share with our parents/carers.

Looking into next week:

  • Have a lovely long weekend off school!
  • New reading books will come home on Wednesday for each reading group.
  • We would like to learn about ‘blood’.