P3M What have we been learning? Week Ending 4.5.18


We have been learning about fractions. We can find halves and quarters of a shape (e.g. A circle) and also of a number (e.g. Quarter of 16). We found it tricky to place fractions on a number Line but we enjoyed the challenge. Here are some examples.

We also started to learn about telling the time. Next week we would like to work more on quarters and telling the time.


  • In spelling we have been breaking words into syllables and using this as a spelling strategy.
  • In writing we focussed on descriptions.
  • We really enjoyed our reading books this week.
  • In handwriting we found joining e and a hard and want to do more of this next week.


  • We have been learning about food chains and life (how plants and animals rely on each other).
  • We enjoyed a predator and prey game
  • Next week we would like to understand how life began


  • We learned good positions for starting races in PE
  • We watched the p4 assembly about the world of work
  • We found it challenging to do sprinting
  • We would like to do more jumping next week