P4H Wk beg: 30/4/18


Here is what we have been up to in P4H this week.

Numeracy and Maths

 We have been learning how to divide by 2, 4 and 8. We learnt different methods to divide. One way was to use our times tables in reverse e.g – 4×6=24 so 24 / 4 = 6. We also learnt about using groups, arrays and sharing out. We played games on a grid outside where we had to race to the answer before our partners.

We also learnt about right angles. We went outside and we used clockwise and anti-clocwise right angles to direct around a grid. We added in traps so we had to try and avoid them on our grid and you wern’t allowed to go diagonally.



We wrote a piece of writing completely unsupported (without Mrs Haynes help). It was about arriving at Hogwarts from Hogsmeade Station. We had to try to use paragraphs, using what we learnt last week and make sure we didn’t forget our non-negotiable S.C.

Our spelling words were;


We did our assembly! It went excellently!! We have done it to everyone in school AND our parents who all said it was fantastic. We will try and get some pictures of a rehersal for next week. We all had great fun doing it!

Topic and other areas

We did a KWL grid to descide what we wanted to learn about. Then we learnt about Viking Runes and wrote our names in it. We also wrote a secret message for people to try and decode. We are looking forward to the rest of our topic.

What have we enjoyed?

Hannah – Writing my name in Runes.

Gregor – I really enjoyed the assembly.

Theo – I enjoyed the assembly too.

Rebecca – I liked doing the Viking writing.

We all enjoyed sitting on the purple seats after the assembly to watch the videos.

What have we found challenging?

Viking runes.Writing the story without teacher support was challenging because we couldn’t ask for help with spelling.

The assembly – remembering your lines.

What would we like to learn next week?


Angles that are different from right angles.

Do more writing, some of it without help again.

Write a daily sentence in Viking Runes.

Learn more methods for division.