You are required to complete an “electronic” version of your profile for Hight School.

Follow the instructions below to support completing the document:

  • Use the link to open the P7-Profile-Template Word document P7-Profile-2017-18
  • Select option to “OPEN” in Word.
  • It may prompt you to “Enable Edit” to allow you to add details.
  • Enter your Name and DOB (Date of Birth). (You may need to backtab the DOB).
  • SAVE the file to the computer you are working on. File name format:
  • cec-p7-profile-buck-YOUR-NAME-2017-18, eg cec-p7-profile-buck-derek-hyde-2017-18
  • ie change “template” in the filename to be your first and last name
  • Upload your file to OneDrive – you might want to create a folder to keep it safe in.
  • You can then edit this file over the coming days/weeks from any computer.
  • ALWAYS select the option “Edit Document / Edit in WORD” (do not edit in the Browser, some of the boxes will not look correct).
  • When you SAVE the file it will auto save it back to the OneDrive area.
  • When complete you can share the document with your class teacher.