P3B Reflective Friday 11.5.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • This week in maths we have had a focus on time.  We were making links between halves in fractions and half past on a clock face and with 30 minutes of an hour.  We made some jigsaws mathing clock faces to the words and numbers in time. 

An assortment of times we put together during a cooperative task.

  • We have been learning more about food chains and have researched different food chains on the iPads.  We know that a producer makes its own energy from the sun, soil minerals and water and this energy is passed on to the consumer. 
  • This is our food chain art.

    This is a bear eating a fox, a fox eating a rabbit and a rabbit eating grass.

    The arrows show the direction of the flow of energy.

Click here to play the game where you can learn about food chains in the Tundra (colder climates), woodland and Savannah. 


Finally it is time for Mr Beardon to say goodbye.  Teaching P3B has been a wonderful experience and I will miss this class dearly.  I am looking forward to this next step in my life and I will be in touch with the children through school.  Here are a couple of photos for the memory box.  Best of luck everyone for the end of P3 and the rest of your lives. 

You always need a silly one!