Primary One Home Learning Thursday 17th May


Please follow the activity as directed in your child’s reading jotter. If your child has been given a word wall please continue to practise these words.


We have been continuing to learn to read and write using sounds that commonly appear at the end of words.  This week we have been looking at the beginnings of words: br, cr, fr, dr, gr, pr, and tr.

Practise reading and writing words with these beginnings with someone at home.  Don’t forget to keep practising the vowel digraphs we focussed on last term too.

Tricky Words

Our new tricky words are ‘any’, ‘many’ and ‘water’.  Keep practising recognising and writing all the tricky words we have been learning in class.

Numeracy and Maths

P1P have started learning about measure. This week we have focussed on length using non-standard units of measure (paperclips, cubes, pens and our feet).

P1S have been doing a revision week to recap on prior learning. We will be starting measure next week.

Have a go at using your new measuring skills to measure things around your home and garden.