P3B Reflective Friday 18.5.18

Our learning this week in P3B:


This week in Maths we have focused on:

  • Data Handling – we have remembered how data can be shown in a pictogram and then gone on to look at bar graphs. Learning with our shoulder partner we created a bar graph which shows the favourite sports P3B pupils enjoy. This gave us the confidence to carry out our own surveys in the class. Some of the surveys undertaken were for favourite; hair colour, food, vehicles and fizzy drink. We look forward to plotting the information we gathered onto a bar graph.
  • Learn Its- we have started to use a flashcard app on the iPads to help us learn the key facts linked to the Learn-Its programme followed by the school. The app helps us to learn these facts in a fun way. Our target is to improve a little everyday.


Our literacy learning has included:

  • Continuing our focus of syllables.
  • Preparing for our talk about our Favourite sport. To help we used the ipads for research and we have created a set of success criteria to help us focus on what makes a good presentation.
  • Watching an “authors live” event with Ross Collins. This was really useful in helping us prepare for our presentation as it helped us think about what Ross did to make the event interesting to watch. Humour and interacting with the audience were important points we noticed. He also drew pictures, which is useful to help add more information. We drew some pictures of the main characters from the book “There’s a Bear on my Chair”.


We have been discovering about how music can encourage us to move. We moved in time with the music at different tempos.


  • We have been creating a long list of different emotion/feeling words, wow there are a lot. We have still to discover what we are going to use these for.
  • Lots of cereal packets have arrived in the class. We are going to use these to help with our investigation into sugar. (Thank you all for your support)
  • Finally sports day got a BIG THUMBS up from most of the class – a wonderful opportunity to have fun with lots of other classes. A BIG THANKS to the organisers. 🙂


We really enjoyed the workshop on “SOUND” delivered by Generation Science team. It provided the opportunity to understand that:

  • sound is a vibration
  • an echo is produced when sound bounces off surfaces
  • different materials can be used to make different sounds
  • pitch is used to describe if a sound is high or low.

It was brilliant.