P3M Reflective Friday 18.05.18


  • In handwriting we have been learning to join f and t and f with l e.g. with spelling flag and fifteen. We found this quite challenging!
  • We enjoyed clapping out syllables (e.g. amazing has 3 syllables). This is helping us to spell words.
  • We want to work on our talks which we will be giving to the class next week.


  • We have been learning about block graphs, pictograms and Venn diagrams. Pictures on the blog to follow this post!
  • We enjoyed making Venn diagrams outside and inside.
  • Next week we would like to learn about Carroll diagrams.


  • We learned that we should only be eating 30g of sugar per day.
  • We enjoyed the Sports on Wednesday.
  • We found some of our resilience work quite challenging this week.  We want to work on this more. We have moved on to the unit on ‘Challenge Your Mindset’.


  • We have learned how to prepare a talk on a Sport we are interested in. We found it quite challenging.
  • We enjoyed making animal noise instruments as part of our Generation Science visit. We understand more about sound and pitch after our workshop. Photos to follow this post!
  • We want to learn more about Science.