P6T WB 14/5/18

This week we wrote an imaginative piece for writing that we will use as a starting point to see where we need to improve and we also started looking at punctuating speech properly.

We started looking at Eurpoe’s climate and learned how to draw and interpret data from climate graphs.

We thoroughly enjoyed sports day and were very lucky to have such lovely weather.

We had Generation Science come in and work with us to learn about electricity. We learned about atoms and electrons and read the scales on voltmeters to see how strong the current was. We investigated different magnets and how the magnetic force can make the electricity travel.

We have been researching about break out spaces and nurture rooms in schools and what they are used for. We met with a designer and presented our ideas for doing up the upper area and came up with a theme: Bringing the oudoors indoors. She will be back in a few weeks with drawn up plans based on our ideas. Mr Taylor, Mrs Imrie and the designer were all very impressed with our ideas and enthusiasm.