P7A Weekly Blog 18.5.18

This week (18.5.18) we have been learning:


  • To convert fractions into decimals and percentages.
  • To convert improper fractions to mixed numbers.
  • to use our mathematical knowledge and understanding to complete the  P7 online maths assessment with Mrs Henry.


  • our lines for the P7 show.
  • To analyse a piece of text and answer questions to test our comprehension.
  • To use our listening and talking skills during Mr Edwards’ talk to expand our knowledge of Renewable Energy.
  • To design and write the P7 Show programme.
  • To personalise our P7 profiles using an online form.


  • What it means to have a growth mindset.
  • To develop our sportsmanship during the P6 and P7 Sports day.
  • To support and encourage the P2-P5s on their Sports day.
  • Demonstrate our athletic skills in the trials for the Interscholastics.

Expressive Arts

  • To bring our characters to life during rehearsals for the P7 Show.
  • To design and make props for the P7 Show.
  • To understand how music can tell a story, and learning how to analyse sections of Finlandia by Sibelius.
  • Basic fencing moves for the P7 Show.

Looking forward to next week’s learning:

  • Meggetland Tennis and Rugby festival on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Finishing the final edit of our persuasive letters to Daniel Johnson MSP.
  • Comparing Scottish and Japanese fairy tales then writing our own using typical conventions.
  • Learning how to play Boules with Mrs Magill in French.
  • Philosophy with Mr McKeesick.
  • Analysing a poem that deals with different aspects of mental health in relation to Building Resilience .
  • P7 Show practice.
  • Enhanced transition.
  • Learning how to solve algebraic equations in Mathematics.

written by OK!

Have a lovely weekend!