Reflective Friday P2D- Week ending 18.5.18


We only have a few more weeks left of reading homework. Please can we have a big push on reading effort at home. The focus is reading with expression. The children have been pretending they have an audience. I wonder if you can work on reading aloud with expression at home?!


  • We are continuing to add ‘ing’ to verbs- verbs with a long vowel we simply add ‘ing’.

shout- shouting

  • We are continuing to spell blocks 4 and 5 tricky words. We will be doing an assessment in class soon so please continue working on these at home.
  • We took part in a ‘Live Author’ event. Can you tell your parents about this?

Spelling city link

Numeracy & Maths

  • We are continuing to work on improving our speed when answering x facts.
  • We have started to measure length in cm and m.


  • We have been learning all about our digestive system.
  • Can you name the main organs which digest our food?
  • We carried out an experiment. It certainly had us all engaged!!! Tell a parent about this.


We have started to learn about instruments of the orchestra and the four main sections – brass, strings, woodwind and percussion. We looked closely at a violin and discussed the names of the parts of the instrument such as pegs, sound holes, tailpiece, chin rest, strings and bridge. We also learned that the bow is made from the hair from a horse’s tail.


This week we enjoyed:

  • Taking part in different sports on Wednesday.
  • Our digestive system experiment.
  • Reading aloud to the Primary One children.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!